SWAMP LIVING, workshop with Stephanie Moran, Kirsten Cooke and Chris Hind, part of 'Glimmer Breach' by Maggie Roberts, IMT Gallery, London, 2018

Grotowski's Cat Exercise, exhibited in Complex States, Waseda University, Tokyo, 2017

Giclee prints, 2016, at The Grand Dold Projects Art Gala, Sankt Georgen, Germany

Cat Sees Papa installed at Latent Fiction, Sperling Munich, 2016

New Version of Date With Thyme installed at Beaconsfield, London, 26thMay -12th June '16.
Liquid Gang happening with Michael Curran and Valerie Sutton, 7pm, 27th May

Watercolour: Louisa Minkin
Photo: Matthew Tickle

I have written an article about Roland Barthes' The Neutral
See writing link

Giclee print in clip frame, 2015

Date With Thyme, Digital video and Hi-8 video, ANDOR, London, 2015
Photo: Tom Carter

Chew Crew, collaboration with Urara Tsuchiya, digital video

Cat Sees Papa from Joseph Walsh on Vimeo.

Cat Sees Papa, vhs transferred to digital, 2014Cat Drinking Milk, tissue paper and pen on paper, 2014

Pistachio and Wet Magazine, excerpts from performance, LUX AAP at Showroom,London, 2014

House of Veils, from The Minister's Black Veil EP, curated by Susan Finlay

21st Century, Chisenhale Gallery. Photo: Manuela Barczewski

selection of film clips, part of 21st Century presentation, Chisenhale Gallery


They all Seem to be Smiling, 100 Fielding House, curated by Cameron Irving
Photo: Tom Carter

Lovers Rock Remix, screened at V22 as part of Art House Foundation Temporary Residency in the Unconcious

Track 5, excerpt

Evolution of the Meringue, installed at Five Years, London

Evolution of the Meringue, Inkjet Prints

Installation of Rise of Treble at Beaconsfield, London